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A Timeline of Our History

1978: The Beginning

In 1968 Osolo EMS was established as an extension of the Osolo Township Volunteer Fire Department.

1978: Independence Day

In 1978 Osolo Township EMS became an autonomous, not-for-profit organization which operated independently to serve the community alongside Osolo Township Fire Department.

February 1982: Advanced Cardiac Care

In February of 1982 Osolo EMS received $13,000 from the township to purchase our first cardiac monitor and telemetry unit. This purchase advanced the cardiac care Osolo was able to provide and allowed direct transmission of cardiac information to the base hospital.

September 1982: Paramedic Care Arrives

In September of 1982, just seven months after the advancement of Osolo’s cardiac care capability, Osolo EMS became an advanced life support provider. Three paramedics were brought on board at Osolo increasing, yet again, the quality of care we were able to provide our community.

1995: Movin' On Up!

In 1995 Osolo EMS was able to purchase land on County Road 4 east of County Road 9 and build a permanent station where the department currently resides.

Today and Beyond

In 2018 Osolo continues to provide industry-leading medical care to our community members and those in the surrounding region. Combining our nationally-licensed providers with the latest technology, training, and equipment shows through in the care and response we provide for our neighbors each day.